About Us

Our company started to operate in the packaging sector as the tin packaging industry in 1985 in order to find a solution to the packaging need. As Rastaş Packaging, it started to produce twist off caps in 1998 and has shown great progress in this field.

With its activity of more than 35 years in the packaging industry, Rastas Ambalaj has always followed change and innovation and has been operating in the field of twist off cap production for more than 20 years by using the most advanced technologies.

Twist off cap production is carried out in our existing 5000 m2 area in the organized industrial zone and in our new investment area of 12000 m2. We work in every color and printing with our own printing house and show our difference with our quality. By transferring our experience of nearly half a century to product quality, we have created a certain market in Turkey and the world in this sector, and we export 20% of our production to 25 different countries.

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